Saturday, May 23, 2009

Don't Mess with Texas

Here are some photos from my short time here in Austin. I've really enjoyed the time here so far. The city combines texas flare with great scenery and fabulous training.
One morning I did a run along the river trails and I don't think I've seen so many people out exercising since stanley park. The city even sets up free hydration stations for the runners, cyclist to combat the heat that apparently isn't even hot yet! On to some photos:

Saturday Morning Austin Farmers Market, Bison Burritos were tasty.

Downtown Austin, 5th and Guadalupe.

Lance's Tour de California Comeback Aresenal at Mellow Johnny's

Another weapon from the Tour days

This was an interesting spot. JP and I swam here on Friday. Barton Springs is a natural fed spring that is 1/8mile or 200m long. Busy place and at one end it is shallow so it makes for great open water siting practice when you near the waders. Being fed from a spring the water temp is constant at 70 degrees 12months of the year, so you can swim OW on new years day if you want and not have to join the polar bear club.

They have a pretty classic diving board as well that had one great guy double bounce off it to a belly flop.

I felt like the paparazzi when I snapped this photo of the Armstrong Manner. He is in the Giro now though so I wasn't asked to surrender my camera.

View of the Downtown from the West on top of Mt. Bonnel

Looking down on Lake Austin from Mt. Bonnel lookout

Mt. Bonnel siting rocks. You could spend hours out here watching the wake boarders, sail boats, and seadoos.

Today JP and I met up for a swim at the Deep Eddy pool. Another beauty, with an obscure distance of 100ft (33m) per length. Fed from a spring as well.

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Alex Coates said...

the pics are sooo cool! I like the spring pools the best.