Thursday, May 28, 2009

Operation BATMAN

After the Austin ITU my homestay, John, took me back down to the race site. We had some dinner and then walked over to Congress Bridge before dusk. People were gathered watching a performer who was quite good. Funny and talented, he had a great one liner when a runner jogged by right in front of him. "You can't run from your problems" he says. I found it funny.

Quite a crowd had gathered near the end of his show, but they were here for another see the bats!

COngress bridge houses the largest Urban Bat Colony in the World from March to October. THe bats roost underneath the 300m span bridge. How many bats do you think can fit in 300m....try 7 million!

As dusk hit, the chirping increased and a couple bats started to fly out. Then came the masses, it looked like about 4 or 5 steady streams of bats coming out to hunt in the night. THese streams of bats went on for, no exaggeration, 25-30 minutes!

Taking photos under the bridge I could feel some rain hitting me...wait it can't rain under a bridge? Bat piss! Wow you can't even see it, but you can feel it.

Here is what I collected from the endeavour:

A Tex Mex Burrito bigger than yo Face

Many Bats...Many

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Kyla Coates said...

That is sooooooooo cool! Great Racing A-Russ!!!