Friday, May 22, 2009

Make ya slap ya ooooold Pappy!

My parents visited Austin some years ago and when they came back a popular catch phrase in our home become "Make ya slap ya ooooold pappy!" It stemmed from a BBQ flyer they saw while down in the Texas Capital. I think it refers to slapping meat on the grill but maybe there is much more to it than that.

Years later I am in Austin, TX getting ready for the CapTex Triathlon/ ITU Pan-American Cup being held here on Memorial Day. I have only been here since Wednesday but have seen quite a lot of the area. My homestay, John, works as a geologist and I can see why in a place like this. The City rests on either side of the Colorado "river" which has been carved out of limestone. The "river" is now a series of damned lakes. Beautiful lakes!

The topography here is off the charts. Constant steep rolling hills encompass the entire area. Mt. Bonnell is a great lookout of the entire region which we had a look at yesterday.

Speaking of yesterday, I had one of those days where you really ask yourself, Am I really doing this?

Am I really standing outside Lance Armstrong's House?

Am I really swimming in this outdoor spring fed pool under the Texas Sun?

Am I really riding up a 30% grade hill?

Am I really doing this....Yes I am!

This trip has made me realize how lucky I am to be able to travel to so many new places, and get the full experience from wonderful hosts.

I hope to redeem myself on the run this weekend. Sure to be another great race with a good field.

More later, with photos to follow.

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stevo said...

To the River!
Time to Giver!

Have a wicked one dude man!