Tuesday, May 19, 2009

OKC report

Oklahoma City hosted the Juniour, U23 and elite Pan-American Championships over the weekend at the Chesapeake Boathouse in Oklahoma City.

Canada did very well as a nation, the juniours did especially well showing great form with 3 podium performances (kyla Coates 1st, Marianne Hogan 2nd, Connor Hammond 2nd).

In the elite mens race I found myself out to a great start in the swim, quickly onto the reed train on the left. Around the 400m I got in some contact and got gapped from the front group. I did well to remain just off the back of the group for the remaining 1000m. Coming out of the water Andrew McCartney lead the entire field with the likes of Olympians Hunter Kemper and Big Matty Reed on his heels. I was about 10 seconds off the back but had a great T1 and caught on quickly on the very windy bike. During T1 and the first couple k of the bike 6 guys pulled away and had about 25s on the second group after the first lap. Ok, i thought if we work hard we can perhaps bridge up. Well, no this did not work so well. We had some strong cyclists in the group but the organization of the echelon was scattered with the wind. The 25s lead ballooned into 3' coming off the bike and to make matters worse we were caught by the big third group on the last lap.

Onto the run I had another great transition and headed out first in the chase. I went out too hard though and payed for it at the end of the run. Once again I was hampered by upper rib/diaphragm cramps that riddled my last lap to a slower pace. Four guys went by me on the last lap!!

Not a bad first race, but it was a exciting, fast and am I very happy with the results of our juniours, the future looks bright!

Kyla and Marianne on the podium!

Two of the three Andrew's on the Run

The next day AP and I got to watch our homestay couple, Christian and Alicia, race the age-group Olympic. It was Alicia's first Olympic race! Christian ended up 3rd overall and 2nd in his age group with the fastest swim on the day! Alicia raced to 2nd in her age-group as well. A pretty good one-two punch.

After the race we went out for dinner. Things get a little fuzzy there as a wave of stomach pain and diarrhea ensued throughout the night. I can't pin point it but it could have been anything from the river water to something in the post race food to the 5 donuts i ate in the morning. I am just extremely glad it has past and I can now rehydrate myself.

Up next, Austin ITU on the 25th.

Alicia on the podium

Christian riping into T2

The swim exit

The venue from the bridge

AP supervising the wetsuit application

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Anonymous said...

Congrats Loafer - too bad about the cramps! Good luck this weekend buddy...