Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Beasts in Action

If you were driving on Hwy 23 south today you might have thought you saw two beasts pretty much recycling the road. Well you were actually right. Two days after racing Wasa Lake in Cranbrook, Nic and I were back at it hitting up some great training.

Pre Swim COre

Swim (5k) Main Set as : 3x (4x100 on 1:20, to 200 @ 2:40)

Run through the Columbia Wetlands

Bike like beasts down Hwy 23 with 3x10' Tempo

Great to have a guy here that just simply loves training and likes being a fellow beast with me.

Wasa went very well this year. The swim was short although i'd like to think I can swim 15:00. 40K TT on the new bike machine that was fitted to a T by Noa. Felt strong and comfortably pumping it through the kootenays. I didn't know what to expect on the run. I was weary that my hip flexors would be a little tight but things were just fine and the run went quite smooth. New course, new record.

After the race Kamal took us up to a great hot spring in White Swan Park, followed by DQ to cap off a great weekend. Thanks Kamal for hosting Nic and I. It was a great trip.

Tomorrow is another good day of training then thursday it is off to Quebec to race Cote Du Lac ITU on Saturday.

The Beasts ready to Depart

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