Wednesday, June 03, 2009


If feels like i have no legs right now....seriously.

Tonight was the Hilly Newton Heights Crit. Being that it is lighter out later now they decided to punish us with 25 laps. The loop is 1.7k and the elevation gain per lap is 40m or 130ft. Hmmm 25x130 = 3250ft of climbing at threshold or above. Legs, don't worry you wont see a pair of bike shorts for at least 1 day....they aren't happy.

The race went well though I hung in longer than ever. Lap 19 i got spit out from the lead group of 5. A-Mac finished 2nd, and myself 5th, not bad for a couple of triathletes.

The ride home was anything but a cool down. Just past the mail boxes on Wallace drive Shayleigh (spelling), A-Mac's girl suddenly attacks....I look over at Andrew and say "well, she is your girlfriend you chase her down." She rode very well also taking 3rd i think overall in the B group.

How hot was it here today in Victoria (record heat) try SIX bottles hot.

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