Monday, June 01, 2009

The Repercussions of Brownlee

Sunday Morning I awoke at 7 and flipped on the live feed from the WCS #2 in Madrid. I missed both races but caught the mens award ceremony to see the baby faced Brownlee on the top step. A dominating race they were calling it (I later watched the whole race and wow that was dominating). Little did I know how this result would directly affect me some 45 minutes later.....

Roll up to Thetis Lake to meet Simon, Adam, Jp, and Austin for a 90' adventure run through the trails. Chit chat about the race for a bit and we set off warming up....

About 5 minutes in the warm up is over and the pace increases slightly. We hit the hilly highway trial that takes us to Phelps road and the pace increase a little more...a little more and I am struggling to hang on....a little more and I am in a few sweat....a little more and Simon, Adam and Austin appear to be shrinking quite quickly before my eyes...a little more and they are gone.

Brownlee apparently had light the fire for Simon that morning. He is ready to go, look out in Washington/Des Moines.

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