Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Other Coach

It has been a tough transition back into some training after taking a good solid break post Coteau Du Lac. Everything feels slow and heavy at the moment. This afternoon was actually the first workout where I felt ok, a 2hr ride climbing up Mt.Revelstoke.

Doing the workouts and being motivated to get back to training has been tough on my own. I've started to go a little crazy too i think....he is what i mean.

While running on the river flats the past couple days I have been affixed on Mt. Begbie as it towers over me, so ominously, on the valley floor. Quite intimidating really, and maybe thats where I have personified it as being a coach..."The other Coach." The name of the mountain also comes from a pretty intimidating old guy by the name of 'Hanging Judge Begbie' whose hobby I bet you can guess.

So while running at the speed of the caterpillar crawling beside me a loud booming voice enters my head.....HIPS UP, RELAX THE SHOULDERS, GET FORWARD!!

Ok Ok yes coach

While climbing Mt.Revy this afternoon once again...."HEY, DON"T CHANGE GEARS..PICK UP YOUR CADENCE OR STAND UP!!"

Right away Sir

Well tomorrow will be a short swim and then off on the road back to Vic. Begbie only has one more workout to get at me, unless he finds a way to hitch a ride in my trunk....

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stevo said...

Wurd dawg . . . I have a ponder on your physiological quest-i-onny . . .
Word on the Fairfield back ally's is when you're sky diving, sufficient o2 travels through your skin to keep your blood real red like. . . Thought's say'n no calamity on a lack of breath.
Gotta figure all that need be done is swimmin, like wicked fast. . . no need to be search'n for a glass dawg.