Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Is this dying?

What is wrong with me....when i bend down to tie my shoes my head spins, when a take a deep breath through my nose my head hurts, my neck is unbelievably tight and I generally just feel like ass.

Things started to brew up on friday and have progressed till today...time to get the doc to check it out.

This morning's swim was the best workout today but even that had a mediocre feel to it. On the bike I was useless, sitting in or getting dropped like a wuss. Then i proceeded to try to run off the bike and made it 20' before dizzying out, at base effort!!!

Now i am sitting here eating ice cream trying to feel sorry for myself.

Doctors out there send me a diagnosis and a fast track plan back to normal.


Vincent said...

Trying to feel sorry for yourself. I usually have to fight not to.

hope your feeling better soon

Anonymous said...

I had a similar expereince last year in the weeks leading up to worlds. I ended up going to see a naturopath the week after the race and it seemed to work well. A lot of theories were thrown around but I never really figured out what happened though. I feel your pain.

-Jeff Symonds