Thursday, April 05, 2007

Urinal Business

The urinal business, after a long chat on a long run, is a stagnant market that is waiting to be tapped. And I will be the one to exploit. I'm not going to say how or what, that is the secret, but a group of us have something lying in the ruff that may be our ticket to paradise....those of you who do know and are reading this keep those lips sealed!

To pick up from the last post. Sunday was a long 100' base run along the waterfront followed by a strong swim workout in the pm. Craig had a two great sets for us and these are them:

8X150 on 1:50
8x100 on 2:00

Great set, just made the 150's and then into an easy 100, the meters flew by.


600,400,200,100 descending /100 pace with each and descending stroke rate.

Then i was off in a mad dash to catch the 7 ferry over to the mainland. Drove home to Revelstoke the next day to spend a few days with my parents and then returned to Victoria late last night. Today (thursday) was an easy 4k swim in the am followed by a short 35' base trail run then off to work on the docks.

This weekend i believe we have a good brick planned. Something along the lines of a 20' bike followed by a 10' run x 8. It was 16 here today and might hit 20 tomorrow. It is here baby, the smell of race season is just around the corner!

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