Thursday, February 07, 2008

Fast times of February High

Wow, i don't remember february being this windy and cold last year. The winds have been especially strong this week. Tuesday on a ride out near sidney the cross-wind was very strong, enough that you had to lean into it.

Thank god a headwind doesn't affect you in the pool, that would be killer. In the pool this week has been tough. Tuesday we had a speed set of 30x50 easy/hard on 60/40. I swam well on these holding 31-32's LC. Wednesday was a speed endurance set of 8x400. Very tough to stay focused on a set like this. A lapse in attention and you slow down. For me with my swimming it is and will continue to be all about stroke rate and maintaining a good rhythm. To do this i'll wear a finis tempo trainer, it beeps at variable intervals so you can match your stroke rate to it. I find if i don't use it i'll default to a long loopy stroke. THe 400's were 5:10-5:15 for me, not want i wanted but getting them done will definitley pay dividends.

Our weight program is going well and i can feel my legs gaining overall strength. Although from an outsiders perspective onlooker must be thinking, boy are those guys skinny..they have no muscles.

Much as the same this weekend i believe run rides and runs, perhaps a TT effort in the pool tomorrow.

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Paul Krochak said...

Here's a motivator for you for those killer swim sets. It was reported that Grant Hackett's peak speed/endurance set before setting the WR in the 1500 at worlds in Montreal was 5 x 800m @ 1500 race pace on 30secs rest (I'd love to see his splits).

Good luck mate