Thursday, February 28, 2008


Over the past couple days i have had three seperate events take place in my life that all had a happy ending due to good karma.

1st Event:

Saturday night taking a cab in Vancouver i handed the cabbie $15 bucks. As i stepped out he said that i had given him too much. I had, i'd given him an extra $20. Good Karma

2nd Event:

Driving home from the ferry I rolled thru a stop sign and got pulled over. The cop decided to give me a warning. Good Karma

3rd Event:

Tuesday morning i couldn't find my wallet as i was rushing out the door. oh it'll turn up in my bag or something i told myself. Mid-morning Drew, pac-sport athlete services, told me some guy had called him saying he found my wallet on the pat-bay highway. Drew's contact number was on the back of a card in my wallet. That was the only contact number in there i think. I called this guy back and sure enough he said he had found in near Sidney on the highway. What!? I met him and he told me more about it, that is GREAT KARMA!

With all this good karma though i'm thinking i must have some bad karma coming my way, im bracing for it anytime now.

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