Friday, February 15, 2008


Having just finished 4 days of regeneration this week today was the first day of a two week build block which will be tough.

This morning we hopped in the water early at 6am to do 5k before the western canadian swim meet warm-ups. For about a week now i've noticed my stroke coming along, a more relaxed recovery with a high turnover i think is whats working. 3k warm-up brought us to the main set of:

10x(75 on 1:10, 100 on 1:10)

I felt great on this, must be the recovery showing, holding the pace times comfortably. Early catch and and light with the hands i found helped.

2hr road ride with stevo up and around the observatory and its only 11:00.

Next weekend i may enter into the Whistler Loppet, a 30km skate ski race. I"ve never tried a race like this and really want to giver a go.

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