Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Thank god we have Raccoons

Listening to the radio on my way to swimming this week I heard about this crab that lives in the tropics. It is the coconut crab and it looks very evil. Not only is it gross but it is a pest. Lifting garbage cans up and rummaging through, as well as climbing coconut trees and sending bombs away. Their claws can lift up to 65lbs and could crush us. Raccoons are stuffed animals compared to these buggers.

Later that week I heard a brand new band, well new to the west. Russell has probably already being to see these guys in NYC i imagine. vampire weekend is pretty good, jumpy music.

Great fartlek run yesterday at the elk lake. 2X(6/2 4/2 2/2 2/2) descending effort. Good work in the bank.

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