Monday, February 04, 2008

Get in my Belly

Good weekend of training to log. 4.5hrs road ride where we all bonked and could laugh about it, long base run at Royal Roads which is quickly becoming my favourite place to run and ride.


Good little story here to tell which occured sunday during a 2k easy swim. Due to a massive synchro bananza the 50m pool and 25m pool were unavailable so Stevo and I headed to the dive tank area to swim a little bit. There was only 2 lanes for public swimming, so this was it for everyone who wanted to swim laps. Luckily there was only us two and 2 other guys.

As i am sure everyone who swims has encountered the "road hog" or perhaps more aptly titled "lane hog". Well these 2 guys were lane hogs thru and thru. Mid-way thru the workout i was swimming backstroke when i felt i was getting close to someone in front of me. I rolled over on to my front while taking a stroke, but when my hand entered the water it landed straight onto the hairy belly of the biggest hog. Woooooooooooah i had to stop myself before my face hit it too and then rolled off to continue swimming. geeesh.

Stevo had an encounter with this guy too. As he was swimming by the hog grabbed his arm and told him "this is the moderate lane, not a friggin shark lane!". Considering there was only 2 lanes i'd say it is up for grabs.

COld in the inner harbour today but no -50 thank god.

Myself with carpenter Dennis constructing a shelter for Hyack Air's Customer building.

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