Wednesday, April 02, 2008

The Fooseball

Training still chugging along thru another build week. Tuesday was a good speed set in the pool. LCM at uofA. 26x100 as 2X(13x100, 100kick) 1 easy/1 hard. good set for me, the last time i did this set i was at 1:07, this time around i was at 1:05's.

Tuesday also had a hard run in the afternoon on a track located just a couple blocks from our house. 6x1km and 12x200 made for a tough workout.

Today the swim was more aerobic but with some drafting. This afternoon a 3hr ride took us out into the cacti forest for 4x10min at good effort.

This weekend we'll get our first crack at the shootout group ride here. looking forward to that.

1 comment:

Andrew McCartney said...

The new bike looks great!!
Big fan of the bar tape.
I am jealous.
Ciao ciao,