Friday, April 25, 2008

The Mazatland Quadathlon (swim, surf, bike, run)

Back home in Victoria after what seems like a long time. Back to the smell of the sea and crazy gas prices.

The race in mazatland when well for the swim and bike, the run not as i would have liked. The gun went off and the battle thru the surf began, after what seemed like 5 monster waves i was thru. When i looked up i had some work to do to come out in a good position. Head down the rest of the swim and some luck catching a huge wave brought me out 20s down from the lead pack and right beside DJ Tache. Every race i seem to come out beside him and even with the surf randomness that went on here there i was reading the letters off his suit running into T1.

On the bike it was myself , tache and a mexican chasing the lead pack. At 2.5k the group started to let up and we caught on. The bike loop was very flat. 8laps of 5km out and back. Pretty soon the chase pack caught and it became a group of about 20 or so. Attacks were unsuccessfull and signs pointed towards the runners taking the race.

Into T2 i got blindsided running my bike to the rack and went down bad on my side. Its great i was racing when this happened cause i felt no pain. Realizing that i had broken my front wheel i cursed randomly and then carried the bike to the rack.

My race was over essentially coming out of transition and seeing the rest of the group 50m ahead. I tried to refocus and pick people off on the run, but things weren't flowing like they could have. I ended up 21st and beat up, but happy with 2/3rds of the race.

Here are some photos from the race:

I'd like to congradulate Jeff Symonds on a great race finishing 7th overall and winning the U23 title. I can't imagine how many people were like Jeff Symonds? ya folks this guy is the real deal, like the new age prefontaine. I have a hunch that with a similar race at u23 worlds this guy could be on the podium again!


var said...

is that you in the photo of the 2 cyclists taking the corner? in the grey and black?

Andrew Russell's Blog said...

i wish it was, but that was a break away of two americans.

Var said...

Where is the picture of the Stink Finger?

Anonymous said...

Isn't U23 cut off at 86 this year? Is it different in mexico?

Andrew Russell's Blog said...

no it'd be 85 right. you can be 23 and still race u23 as long as you aren't turning 24 in that same year.