Tuesday, April 08, 2008


good stint here in tucson this past week. last week had a couple of tests to do. Friday had a 1500m LCM TT in the pool, 18:33, i'll take it.

Shoot em up saturday stevo and i joined the shootout ride here in tucson. starting at quarter to 7 the ride rolls out with about 50 riders or so. It is neutral for about 45mins and then all hell breaks loose for 45mins. Stevo was up there attacking and chasing down relentlessly as i hung on. I started to fell better and better as the ride progressed and actually challenge on the hill spring mid-way thru. The legendary gray wolf made a few appearences as well.

Today was an intense day with a 3hr interval ride this morning. this included 2x10min race pace followed by 4x6min at faster than race pace. We did the 6min pieces on the backside of gates pass. Stevo was laying the hammer down on these, great workout. Short run to follow and then a speed set in the pool of:

20x100 (3fast/1easy) holding best average.
5km total

Mazatland in less than 2 weeks.

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