Monday, April 28, 2008

"Just Follow your Nose" (Tucan 'the man' Sam)

Yesterday i had a 90' oyo spin to do on the bike but i just couldn't get out the door to do it. So i did it today...

I thought i might have avoided the rain from yesterday but it was raining again today. When it is raining i like to ride cross. You don't get as wet and the trails are quiet. So i dusted off the black lightning and headed out....pedal out of the appt. up the little hill and down...sweeping right onto esquimalt rd....oooow there is a good curb jump ahead swweeeet. vrrrrroom......BOOOM!

1min47s into the ride and i go ass over tea kettle..when i landed on the grass and tried to hop back up onto the sidewalk i got curb sucked and went for a dive. Right onto the same side as last weekend...great. I layed there sprawled on the sidewalk laughing and hoping someone saw it and would come up and ask if i was alright and then give me a lemonade or something. No one came just car after car driving by...Ok time to get up and back on the saddle.

After that spill the remainder of the ride went well. I just explored in esquilmalt and found some new trails. If you look well enough in victoria you'll find trails everywhere. First i hit up gorge park and then i found a great park called cuthbert holmes park. This park has it all, tough technical single track, double wide groomers, pavement, swampy marsh, muddy sections, beacon hill like mossy sections, very nice. If your on the goose heading to colville exit at admirals and cross over the highway. Then take a left as you start to descend, its right there. Great spot.

When i got home i found that i had reopened some of the wounds and created new ones. Ice bath and my favourite brew to soothe the pain.

This week of training looks big with some highlights being :

wednesday night Newton Heights Crit
Friday swimTT and swim/bike brick
Intervals at Lochside

My next race is coming up in 3 weeks at Ixtapa. I'm also hoping to make my half iron debut in oliver come june 1st.

all for now.

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