Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Mt Newton Grit Crit

First 6k swim in a while this morning. It went by well with the main set being 6x400m descending in pairs. Good set, buzz cool-down and we are out the door for an easy 30' jog on the trails.

At 4 we had a yoga session. At first we wondered how this would get as pumped up for the crit right after, but our yogi is smart and she adapted the practice to prepare us for the race. I came out of there feeling warmed up and ready to ride.

Racing A group my hope was to hang in longer than last year. And i did, i stayed with the main group until 2 laps to go. Those two hills are tough, 20X up them and you start to loose your eyesight. I felt like a cross-eyed bull about to be slain by the matodor on the last time up.

Now its time to sleep and let the fitness soak in....

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