Tuesday, April 08, 2008

tucson tale

As the hog rumbles by the two riders her cellulite legs jiggy while hanging on to her partner. Neither wears a helmet and covering up their skin is not an issue. Why do they so carelessly ride with little protection from the sizzling tarmac?

Because this is the desert and the desert in badass. The cacti try to protect themselves with their quills but the rebellness lays a stentch over these plains. Things are different here and different is a good thing, especially when your a triathlete that goes thru the a lot of same motions while training.

This is my first training camp and i have loved every day of it here in Tucson. There is something attractive about all the red dirt and lack of vegetation. I feel i've toughened up while being here and i am in the best shape of my life.

the boys i'm with, steve kilshaw, scott dagnall, and jeff phillips have become not only training mates but good friends and feel like family. The mood is always upbeat and we get the training done by motivating eachother. As part of the buildup to the pan-american championships in mazatland we have a saying that always reminds us of our goal:


that's what this camp is all about, FORMAZ!

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