Saturday, April 07, 2007

Double Dip

Two double dips today, none of the george castanza variety though.

First double dip was a Bike/Run this am. Started off the morning with a BIG breakfast...6 wholewheat pancakes, 2 eggs, yogourt, banana, and banana bread..I LOVE CARBS! Bike was 2.5 hrs with 3x12' STeady state at the Sidney TT loop. Steady State turned into almost race pace though with workhorses like Stevo and Julien. The run off the bike was hard but felt smooth. 50' in total going build by 10' from 0-40' then a 10' CD. Followed it up with some more food, chocolate milk and a hot cold session. Our hot/cold is done at the pool using the hot tub and an ice tub. Alternating 6' Hot, 2' cold and your legs feel somewhat normal after a workout like that.

Next double dip...Hockey. Canucks were first up and clinched the division. BIG HITS and BIG SAVES (if you watched, you know the ones i'm talking about). Next up Leafs/Habs do or die game. 4-3 right now for the Habs and i'm really enjooying watching my neighbour squirm over his leafs. There is a third game but who cares about Alberta!

I'll try and get some photos up sometime, im looking to get a digi camera with video, any suggestions?

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Anonymous said...

Canon SD500-800, depending on cash