Saturday, April 14, 2007

The Retirement Plan

Today i found where i want to retire, once i get a real job and actually grow up a bit. But until then I'll plan out my retirement before i even start work. We had a three and half hour ride today from Victoria out to Sooke along East Sooke road. Anyone visiting Victoria should drive this road, scenic, rugged and worth your time. It basically pops in and out along the southern coast of the island and ends at Possession point which overlooks Sooke Basin and Juan du Fuca Straight (or is it Strait?). At the end of the road is a new devlopment called silver spray. This is where I want to retire. At first i thought Belclarra, Up the indian Arm near Vancouver, was the place but nope this tops it. So beautifull!

When we got back we had a 20 min run (10tempo/10base) and then a hot/cold to finish off another great saturday. The weather held up to for an added bonus. Tomorrow is a longish base run followed by a bouy swim at the pool which should be interesting and a bit of a wrestling match.

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