Thursday, April 26, 2007

What you say? Its getting hot in here?

With just less than 2 weeks away from the race in Mexico, Patrick has wisely introduced Steve and I to some heat training. Both active and passive heat training. So every morning, pretty much, after swimming we hit up the sauna. Today we did around 35mins or so. Progessively i have noticed a better tolerance but today, wow, i felt it. We did 15mins then a cold shower followed up with a tough 20' more.

Actively we have done two trainer workouts in 30-35 heat. THe temperature and time will both increase i suspect, you have to ease into it. Stevo and I were talking with AP who is one of the top U23 athletes in the country and he was saying how simons W's group did heat training in close to 50 degrees!!!

Mon-Thur has been adaptation days, so slightly easier. Swim each morning of 3.5-4km with usually a light run or bike in the afternoon. Tomorrow we get back into the swing, with sunday being the Times Colonist 10km run. Im interested to see how i'll do. Its been about 3 months since my last 10km of 34low.

will keep you all posted.

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