Sunday, April 22, 2007

Sooke Sprint Race Report

Quickly recapping friday and Saturday....Friday we had about a 4k Swim in the am with a main set of 4X400 in draft packs of 2 or 3. I swam with Jessica Kirkwood switching lead by the 100 and we held 5:05-5:15 throughout the set. After the swim Stephen and I had a lengthy chat with Patrick about finalizing a race schedule for this summer. It now looks like Stephen and I may travel to Japan in June and July to do 2 asia cup races in Gamagori and another location (can't remember the name). After the chat 4 of us racing Sooke had a brick session where we do a bike loop of about 10' then transitioned into our runners for a 3' run. Three times went Med-Fast, Fast, and then Race Pace.

Saturday was a light 45 min run with some drills and strides followed up with an easy easy 3k swim, then a hot/cold session.

Sunday was Sooke. Got a ride out there with matt sharpe and his mum and met up with the rest of the boys and Patrick. Went thru a good warmup and then the race season began! The Pool swim was 700m, my turns and streamlines were poor but my stroke felt strong and efficient. Came out in 8:20 or so and made it uneventfully through T1. The roads were dry, sun was out, time to rock. Head down, right up the first climb then settled into a good cadence and went to work. There were some strong wind gusts coming off the ocean so i made sure to really stay compact and low. The bike course was the highlight of the race, scenic roads quiet and well marked. My new easton tempest Carbon tubulars made a world of a difference on the rolling hills and climbs. When standing the tires accelerate like a dream. Rolled into T2 and slapped on the runners. The run was not the greatest course. I felt good but it was hard to find a rhythm with the steep downhills and uphills. Just when you find your rhythm there is the finish line waiting for you.

All in all was a great first effort for the season. I won the event and Patrick was pleased with my performance. Full results can be found at

until next time..GO CANUCKS GO!!


Wolfman said...

Congrats Buddy... sounds like you're dominating over there! Thanks for keeping this blog going and letting us know what you're up to. Any chance of you coming to Vancouver for a day or two?

Anonymous said...

Lots of sponsorships coming in buddy! Glad to see that! Keep up the good work!

Var said...

You amaze me lil' bro! Keep up the hard work and I think you'll be unstoppable. I like the new layout of the blog...see you in a couple of weeks.