Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Newton Heights Crit

Tonight was the first crit for our group out at Newton Heights on a 3k'ish hilly loop. Stevo, Jeff, Scotty, Aaron, Matt and myself were all in the B group which was about 20-25 or so.

We had ridden the loop doing some steady state work about 2 weeks ago, so we were well aware of the key sections, ie. the two step make or break climb. The race was steady with some efforts, and no crashes to report. Stevo made a spirited solo break-away with 3 laps to go only to be caught on the last climb to the finish. A vega team guy won it, i nipped stevo for second, stevo 3rd (although easily the strongest rider of the group). Rode back to the pool and turned it in for the day.

In the am we had a 6km swim with a tough band set that was as follows:

4x50 band only on :50
2x100 band onlly on 1:30
400 swim

4 times

Now the 400 swim was first thought to be at moderate effort but after the first one we were all told to get our act together and push the 400. Went 5:05 for the last 400 and boy was I done.

Canucks in five tomorrow night!

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Wolfman said...

Hey Loaf... two things

1. Chelsea Mac's horoscope is that she needs to have sex with you in Main library today. Hop on that bike buddy and get over here.

2. 20% of all Olympic Triathletes had asthma inhalers at the 2004 Olympics. If you want to compete, you must cheat! No but seriously look into those stats...I was told that from some friends in HKin at UBC for their exercise science class. If it's true that's craziness.