Sunday, April 22, 2007

Kyle Marte

I also forgot to mention a great triathlon story about a week overdue....

My good friend Kyle Marte and I both studied materials engineering at UBC. Kyle saved my butt in many classes and is highly educated. My triathlon obsession rubbed off on Kyle in our last year at UBC. He competed his first triathlon at UBC and became so hooked that with just over 3 triathlons under his belt Kyle didn't want to mess around any more with the short distance stuff and signed up for Ironman Arizona.

This race was just last week in Scottsdale. I forgot all about it somehow with this busy training schedule until a training partner mentioned it last sunday. When i came home that day i quickly logged onto to see if i could follow Kyles race. I could, but after what seemed like a while, and when i would have expected Kyles second bike split to come up it didn't. I started to dread that maybe the heat or some mechanical problem had cut his race short. It wasn't until later that night when i thought to check again that i found kyle had finished the race! There was a big lag in the split posting and probably while i was enjoying a fried egg and turkey sandwich Kyle was gutting it out on the marathon.

Kyle you amazed me and I am very very proud of you!

11:30:10 In his first ironman...awesome!!! Being a man of iron has gotta score the honeys.

Thinking of putting the career on hold for a few more Kyle?

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