Sunday, April 22, 2007

Thrusday - two songs forever

Its sunday but i wanted to try and trick you all by pretending to post as if it was thursday. I have done this before a couple times and unless your sharper than a marble you'll have noticed the post date is a couple days later....anyways the secrets out so no mo tricking...or treating for exactly another 192 days.

So on thursday had an easy swim in the am, about 3.5km and then a run around the lake with my ipod shuffle. I just purchased this lovely piece of electronics. Never before have i given into the ipod cult but now i have. The new shuffle is great cause it clips onto anything and is minuscule. So as i am running two songs came up, Like a Prayer(Madonna) and 'Hair of the Dog' (Nazareth), that brought back memories of a fine fellow...Jesse Berton.

For those of you who don't know Jesse Berton let me briefly introduce him to you. Jesse Berton, born and raised in the heartland of Prince Rupert, came into my life in my first year of university. Quickly he became known as "Berton". Berton was a man of many wonders...skilled in the dark arts of incredible fashion sense, a rapist's wit, trained in ballet and tap dancing, and the intellect that got him through chemical engineering by being able to not go to a single class, then read the entire text book the night before the exam and score a higher grade, baffling everyone, than those studying until the cows came home.

As i was saying, Berton's wonders in dance allowed him to marvel the crowds at pit wednesdays. THe moves coming out of this guy and the choregraphy improv would dazzle the best dance with stars judge. When Like a Prayer came on, usually requested by someone who knew Berton, the show began. There were many other numbers in his ensemble but Like a Prayer was the one for me.

Hair of the Dog now was a song that took place in an entirely different setting. Hair of the dog was a regular number on any given day of the week, so pretty much at any time in Bertons room of 5th Dene. Bertons room was the gathering place for all of us kick back, play some crib, drink tea and other delicious beverages. These nights could lead anywhere....

Heart breaker, soul shaker
Ive been told about you
Steamroller, midnight stroller
What theyve been saying must be true

When the Chorus kicked in I will forever remember Bertons Face, eyes squinted shut, nose crinkled, and a quick head jolt in the backwards direction as he sang...

Now your messing with a....a son of a bitch

Berton is a man that everyone needs to meet and have a dance with.

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