Thursday, May 17, 2007

Back to Work

Arrived home to victoria on tuesday morning. We ended up sleeping at yvr, wow worst sleep of my life quite possibly. Since being back here is the training i've done.


Went to crystal pool and swam 4.5k.

main set#1 20x50 on :55 Hard/Easy
Main set#2 4X(300steady, 100kick, 100back)

Later that afternoon we ran at beaver lake doing 2x8' med tempo and some drills to end a loooooong day.


Big day. 7hrs total.

6.5km Swim with a main set of 4X:

6x50 Band only on :50
300 free (3:48,:46,:43,:39)

This set felt good, the feel in the water was good and no waves to deal with!

90 min spin afterwards and then a 3hr ride in the pm which hosted 3x10' hill climb up Willis Point Road. I felt tired after the day was done but a good tired.

Thur: (today)

Swim: 4.3km mostly recovery sets and drills with a few activation 50's at the end. Didn't feel great today in the water. Heavy and tired.

Run: 60' easy run around the lakes. My new Brooks Cascadia shoes are great, and bost some pretty obnoxius colours.

We are racing the north shore triathlon on Monday in vancouver. It always seem to rain at this race but not this time, this time it will shine!

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