Saturday, May 19, 2007

The gears have been turning

Its been a day since the motorpacing bike workout and i've thought about it eversince. I have figured out that the style of workout is deceiving because of the following:

Lets say you are traveling at 55km/hr behind a scooter on a bike. You are gaining quite an advatage over whether you were riding with no scooter, due to less wind resistance. Therefore the heart rate effort is reasonable, i think i was hovering around 150bpm yesterday. However your wheels are still traveling at 55km/hr and therefore you must turn a gear big enough gear so that you don't spin out (ie. get crazy fast spinning legs). This big gear is also being spun at a higher cadence than if you had no scooter to draft off of.

In conclusion your legs do more work and get toasted while areobically it is not terribly taxing due to low wind resistance.

Am I totally wrong here?

That is all.

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