Saturday, May 19, 2007

The Good Apples

Couple of really great workouts these past days.

Thursday was an adaptation day or recover with a 4k swim followed by 15' of core and an hour easy easy run around the lakes.


Swimming in the morning with Neil's young kids. Getting lapped by those bugger on kick never gets less demoralizing. We had a set of 3x400's which i held comfortably at 5:15. I am finding that my efficiency is really started to improve now. I can hold 1:20/100m pace and it feels almost at a base effort.

The bike of friday was real fun and new for me. Motorpacing....this is when coach is on a scooter pacing the bike workout. For us (steve, carolyn and I) it was about 45' worth of motorpacing around a 9' loop. There were split into about 12' blocks with 4' recovery between each. The first two we were held pretty steady at 45km/hr, but the last two Coach said we were up at 55 km/hr. My legs were done by the end. And then coach Patrick tells me a story of how he motorpaced Peter Reid quite regularly when he was on top of his game for hours straight at 55...WHAT! This will become a regular workout for us on fridays.

Today we had an base run of an hour around thetis lakes with 8x1min pickups. Then we had our first open water swim of the year!!! A little cold to begin with but once you got going it was a nice temp. We did about 3 to 3.5km of swimming with some stretching in between. With a wetsuit the shoulders take a few workouts to strengthen up so we took it light today. On the last effort i was able to hang on to brents feet for about 2/3 of it before following off. Getting in regular open water workouts with the group will be very rewarding for the big races.

Monday...North Shore Tri... results should be up on later on that day.

After that i am heading home to revelstoke for the week for my big sisters wedding!!! Can't wait.

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