Tuesday, May 22, 2007

North Shore Elite Race Reportado

North Shore was NOT raining surprisingly although the weather forcast said it would be sunny, it just couldn't happen so it was overcast and grey.

Short warm-up and it was time to get it on. A pool swim of 750m in a pool of like 37.5m long. Came out in 9:10 which im happy with but was gunning for 9'. Bad T1 as the right out of transition you go up a hill and my shoes slipped and i lost all my speed looking like a fool. Once i got my feet in my shoes i saw scotty way way way ahead. He hammered the swim and had 30s on me at least. It took 2 of 4 laps to pull him in and near the end of the 2nd he let up a bit. Two more laps with him and then into T2. That went fairly well and out onto the run. My run was solid, not sure of the split. The results should be up sometime today i think. Got the win in the end with scotty grabbing second, stevo third, aaron fourth and Kerry in her first race back from injuries easily won the womens with a fast time, may be a course record i think.

Speaking of injuries i have got some bad blistering on my feet. worst i've ever had. They started at ixtapa and haven't had time to heal. I think i may have to take some time off to let them heal properly.

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