Saturday, May 12, 2007

Ixtapa race report.


In the lobby of our hotel here to give a report on my races today. Notice how races is plural. Let me explain:

The triathlon got under way around 10. The surf wasn}t bad where our swim start was and i got out resonably well. The usual elbows to the head were occuring all the way to the first bouy. The first lap I think maybe i didn{t push hard enough, as on the second lap I was able to bridge up to a pack just before exiting.

Now, T1 was a journey. You had to run about 300m along the beach and then you entered into this hotel. You ran right thru the lobby and past the front desk out to transition. The T1 times were all around 3mins!!

Out onto the bike I put my head down and caught up to a pack of 5 or so. I didn{t get my feet into my shoes until about 3km. This pack grew and grew over the bike course, probably ending up at about 20. Horrible work in the pack, no organization and a lot of people just sitting in. I was yelling VAMOUSE quite a lot at the mexicans were the most lazy. The pack stayed together with some attempts to break away but everything was pulled back in.

Into T2 i made sure to get up near the front of the pack. T2 did not go well for me. Shoes were sticky and i had forgotten to take my ipod out of one shoe!

The run was were i felt best. I quickly pulled most of the guys who got ahead of me out of T2. I built the first 2.5km and then started to put more effort in on the last 5km. My run split was 34 high which in this heat and humidity is great.

I finished 9th and scored some itu points! Very happy with this race and now its time to relax.

About an hour after the tri steve and I had signed up for the World aquathlon championships which were also going on here. 2.5k run 1k swim 2.5k run. This was a bonus event and we had fun with it. steve had some interesting transitions.

All in all good times!


Wolfman said...

Hey Loaf... congrats on the race! Thanks for the quick update as I couldn't find anything online with live results! Keep on rockin in the free world and do do daloo do do do.

Andrew McCartney said...

Well Done Andrew!!! We are all raveing about you here in Victoria,
Take Care and see you back in town.
ciao for now,