Thursday, May 31, 2007

Shredded Cheese

Shredded cheese is what i felt like riding home at 9 last night after the wednesday night crit. Coach had stevo and I make the jump to A group and well...I got shredded. Shredded but explains it because anything shredded looses its shape and is no longer able to stand up. Well thats was Me! After 6 laps or so I got dropped and rode the remainder with different groups of others who had the same fate. It makes you realize how fit bike pros are on their bikes. What i need to improve is my climbing. This crit was hilly and i couldn't hang on the hills. Next time i hang in a little longer...and a little longer. Steve did well, i think he was 7th, nice result!

Since being back tues and wed were tough days. Tuesday had an interval workout of 8x1km followed by 3x 200m. Scratching my head i believe the km's went like this. 3:07,3:15,:04,:09,:04,:10,:05,:12. Coming back had a constant slight uphill while out was slightly downhill. Wed morning we had an open water swim in thetis. These workouts are quickly becoming a favourite. There are two islands. Looping around the small island is about 700m, while the big is around 1400m, Just right for olympic racing

This weekend some motorpacing, more open water, and a brick on sunday.

my race schedule for this summer is pretty much finalized now but may be altered slightly, here is what im gonna do:

June 10th Gerricks Wasa Tri (cranbrook)
June 24th Edmonton WC
July 8th Squamish Tri
July 15th Geneva ITU Cup
Aug 4 National Championships Drummondville QC
Aug 19th Kelowna ITU CUp
Aug 26th Veracruz ITU Cup
Sept 3 Vancouver Tri
Sept 15 Duathlon Championships (perhaps)

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Jean-Paul said...

Duuuuddee, your schedule looks amazing! Europe and Mexico!? Heck Yea. Keep up the good work and good luck next week. You forgot the most important race of the year though. I'm speaking of the Tour de Kits of course. Should be b/w Drummondville and Kelowna, so hopefully you'll be able to make it out!