Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Ready to GO

Starting to get things packed up here for tomorrow. Going to be a long day with a red eye flight leaving vancouver around 6pm and getting to ixtapa 11am the next day.

Monday i took totally off, had a great massage from Gibson. Great to have him back, really great! I feel like a million bucks when i come out of there. Sometimes im so lazy and out of it, i think it hinders me driving home.

Today had a good swim this morning with some fast 50's. A short 45' run with my shoes (Brooks Burn) and then another interval run in the afternoon. The pm run was 30' warmup with buliding the last 10'. 3 sets of drills. Then 1x2k, 3x1k.
The 2k was build to tempo. The 3 1k's were descending. 3:05, 2:55, 2:50. Really felt great on the last two, good leg speed.

Time to get things organized here and can't forget the passportio.

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