Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Weekend Wrap Up and TC 10k

Great weekend.

Friday was back into full training with an eye opening swim:

Main Set

300 Pull
3x100 on 1:25 (1:11's)
6X50 on :50 (31's)

Steve and I then hit up the sauna and then a 90' heat ride. There was no time to go home before the afternoon run and i found myself borrowing some baggy shorts and wearing a bike jersey, it was a great outfit. It was the perfect workout for the 10k race that was coming up on Sunday. We did 20' warmup, drills and then 2x(90'',60'',30'') with equal rest. High leg speed loosened the muscles up.

Saturday we had a group base run of 45' and then a 5km areobic swim, followed by a hot cold. I then went by and registered for the TC 10km.

GOing into this race i was hoping to run under 33'. Race morning we met and did a group warmup. Could have used a bit more intensity as i didn't feel totally activated at the start line but there was no time now...

The first mile felt sluggish. I then found my stride on some slight downhills heading to the 4km turnaround. There was a strong head wind from 4k to 8k so i made sure i got into a group. Drafting in running really does make a difference. In the group we took turns pulling except for one guy who wouldn't budge from the back. At 7km I was like this sucka gotta go..so i made a strong surge to drop him. I was able to bridge up to another group and then the sheltered last 2km was a gun show. Laying it on the line the whole way. I had a strong last k reeling in 2 or 3 guys who faded.

FInished in 32:28 a PB by almost 2mins!!!! With the headwind to deal with it was suggested that another 30-40s could be taken off this time. Under 32' is something i didn't imagine myself running this early. It gives me a lot of confidence going into Ixtapa next weekend.


Wolfman said...

Hey Loaf... congrats on the PB!! That's awesome! Have fun down south and thanks for the blog updates.

Anonymous said...

nice race!!

PK said...

That's a strong performance Andrew. YOU ARE FAST!!!! Don't forget that fact when you race in Mexico

Good luck mate!!