Sunday, May 06, 2007

This week in short-long form

Here is this whole weeks training shrunk down to a couple paragraphs...microtraining.

Sunday: After the race Steve and I ride rode Colwood to Jordan River return at base. Very tough going out with a strong headwind, steve pulled probably 90% of the way with me hanging on for dear life. Coming back after a big sugar intake in Jordan river was much better. 4.5hrs total.

Monday: Easy 3.5km Swim, a recovery nap and an easy hour spin

Tuesday: 5km or so in the pool. Two runs with first a 35' treadmill and then an hour base at Mt. Douglas.

Wednesday: 6km swim with some band work and fin 400's. Steve and I then did a 90' heat ride. In the afternoon we had a large group ride which was tough!! 4x 14' at race pace. I was paired with Andrew McCartney, we work quite well together as we are similar strength on the bike. THe last lap was a solo pursuit effort followed by a 10' run which scotty lead us up willis point hill, a big mother.

Thursday: About a 4km swim with about 800m kick. Four of us (scotty, jenny, steve and I) went to cadboro elementary to talk with students about triathlon and how they can get involved in the sport. We also put them thru a mini triathlon. One girl after finishing was like "i am not tired" so i said i'd race her. Steve was counting us down for how much time we had left on the run. In my head i was thinking ...comon steve when are we ending.. she had a huge smile on her face and so did steve, i think he knew what i was thinking so he kept us going. Lastly I did a short treadmill run at crystal pool in the afternoon

Friday: THis was the possessed swim workout day. I got my first taste of what it would be like growing up swimming in a winter club. Thank god i swam summer club or i think i would have been turned off swimming. We did 5km in about 80'. No rests, and the main set was 8x300's (kick/swim/kick , swim/kick/swim by 100) When i saw this set i knew it would be hard as the kick was HARD effort and i am not a coniseur for kick. With two reps over i started to get angry at the set. I started trash talking to it and became possessed to finish it as fast as possible. After the swim we did a brick workout which was at steady state. 3x a 10' loop with about a 4' run after each. We practiced T1 and T2 which is good because i think it helped my T1 a lot. A 45' treadmill run finished the day.

Saturday: Was supposed to be our first OW swim but the lakes are still to cold for that. Would have been nice to get some OW practice but we got the next closest thing when we had to swim 12 of us in 2 short course lanes. It was choppy and tight. After the swim i had a 90' base run which i did on the treadmill. All of these treadmill runs are not my favourite but it helps with preparing for the ixtapa heat.

Sunday: Today we had a great brick workout at UVIC. After a good warmup we did

4x {(3laps of ring road) followed by a 1km run}

At UVIC there was us, a kids of steel triathlon camp, a plant sale and a youth field hockey camp all going on at the same time at 9am on a SUNDAY!!! It was interesting but the workout itself was probably one of my favourites since starting to train here. A hot/cold session capped off a great week of prep for Ixtapa.

Well, a few paragraphs later and that is it. A day off tomorrow and we leave on wednesday. I'll post before i go and try to get one or two in while down for the race.

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