Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Back at Empire

Afternoon swim consisted of:

400 swim

300 kick various. (Snorkel works really well with no board streamlined kick, can really focus on body position)

500 pull with snorkel

2x100 8kip then 100 swim

3x500 swim (1st with pull bouy and paddles, 2nd free, 3rd with paddles) averaged 7mins taking it not hard but with some effort

200 IM to shake things up

300 cool down with snorkel

6x30s floating / tight core

3500m TOTAL

I'll really miss the UBC empire Pool...even with all of its currents and seagulls I really like swimming in it.

Ran just before dinner down Spanish banks

10 mins WU, 20 steady state (145-150 bpm), 6xstrides, 15 mins CD

Felt tired before the run, but its funny how once you get going sometimes you don’t feel the fatigue.

Tomorrow some hills with campione , should be a good push.

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