Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Day 2 Enumclaw - Lay the Hammer down

Road race to finish things up today.

My cat had 64km with three times up the main climb of about 3km. Thats piddilly compared to the pros doing 140k with six times up the climb.

The race panned out well. On the second time up the climb, myself and another stronger rider broke away and attacked. We built up 2+ minutes by the time we got back to the base of the climb and then the show began. On the first pitch we matched each other. Then on the second, steeper pitch i made a move and he tried to get on my wheel but i picked it up even more and he couldn't hold it. I seperated myself from him and took the win by about a minute and a half. That earned first overall in the GC.

Should be able to move up a cat now.

Watched the cat 3 men, pro women and pro men race, well sort of. Jen and I were in the feed zone giving out bottles to the team. Very stressfull when the whole pack comes by and you gotta make out eeach rider and give him/her the right bottle.

After the pro men, packed out and made a run for the border. Traffic was better coming home and we made better time.

tomorrow we cap off the 3 day race weekend with the north shore tri.

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