Friday, May 26, 2006

Solid Day

good solid training today, felt good and strong.

Morning hills up 2nd and tolmie to the lights on 4th with campione 5x
kept pace with John on all 5.
Rode up around UBC and then over to Stanley for a 15 min tempo ride with Paul and then headed home for lunch.

Short swim at empire of:

400swim, 100 kick wb, 100 kick ws, 500 pull ws

4x200 alt pullbouy/fr conc on high stroke rate on 3mins
(these felt great, bp was high with core and high sr felt fluent. all 4 on 2:38-2:40)

4x50 with band and snorkle (again bp felt great)

200 WD


Evening Run of 10min WU
5x strides
4xpond loop (starting at 1st bench NCW) 3:53,:50,:47,:48 with 2:15 recovery
2x strength with lunges
10 min CD with ice bath

Tired right now but good day, blog it.

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Ayman said...

word up!