Thursday, May 04, 2006

Beautiful Belclara

Today was a long ride day. Left the house around 10:30 and set off to Buntzen Lake. Made good time and reached the lake feeling strong on the climb. Then i decided to explore belclara park and white pine beach. WOW, in six years of living in Vancouver i don't know how on earth i had not gone there before. The place had smooth roads, no traffic and pristine wilderness. I made a number of stops, to take it all in, including stopping while trucking along over 40 which i don't like to do, but it was a must. Came back down Ioco road into Port Moody which was a nice route as well. Did two climbs of burnaby mtn. and then headed home on the bike routes. The ride was just over 4hrs and 110k. When i got home i was really happy i made the trip to balclara, it was just what i needed to add some variety into the training.

Had a nice big lunch and now some reading....Da Vinci Code, gotta get it done before the movie comes out!!

I could get used to this life you know, very nice.

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