Monday, May 08, 2006

double swim

Two swims today and i am exhausted



20x100 1-5 fr, 6-10 paddles, 11-15 fr, 16-20 paddles on 1:30 longcourse

600 fin kicking on back, sides, and streamlined front

400 cool down

4200 total


400 swim
3x100 8KIP fins followed by 100 swim
2x100 one arm fr with 100 swim
200 fr
200 pull bouy
4 x50 descend
300 cool down


Grand total 6.4k

Really glad i did the 20x100 set in the morning because it showed gains in my swim fitness. I remember doing 12 x 100 on 1:30 longcourse early before the ubc tri and being barely able to do it. This time i did almost double the distance and felt comfortable holding 1:18-1:22 pace. Feel strong in the pool. Went to talk with derek schoof (UBC swim coach) after the first swim and he is going to have a look at my stroke tomorrow am. should get good feedback. Making the chase pack in races like nationals and kelowna is a major goal for this season....Hoping this swim focus pans out.

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