Wednesday, May 24, 2006

North Shore Tri

Woke up this morning and the legs felt a little empty, but eat a big breakfast, did some last minute adjustments to the bike and headed to north van.

Typical van race weather, heavy showers, mild.

Had a decent swim, drafted Valle for the first 600 or so, then passed and tried to push it. Came out in 9:15 for 740m about 40s down on McCartney and Jenkins.

Formed a group of three with Chater and Smith on the bike which we caught another guy to make four. The group was a little weak for me but I knew I couldn’t break away from it so tried to make the others work hard. Smith couldn’t pull very much but the other two did. We didn’t make or lose time on the leaders. Had to take the corners and transition easy as it was super slippery. The pack rode 29mins on a short 20k

Then the run, didn’t know how the legs would respond but had a quick transition and headed out. Amazingly with two days of bike racing the legs felt great! I “blew away the group” apparently from Blair, and had a 16:36 5k. Second fastest run split and good for third.

Overall really happy with the result. The running is coming along well. The cycle is strong enough. Swim needs to be still pushed. Making the chase group at nationals will be key to a good result.

Big dinner and max-relaxing.

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