Friday, May 12, 2006

fridays with Mauyra

morning swim

400 fr focusing on tight core
300 kick. 100 board in/out, 100 pull bouy out head up/down, 100 streamline kick head down and head up. Head up is SUPER Hard!!!

300 Pull with pull bouy low , tight core

10x100 on 1:30 des 1-3. higher stroke rate but as a result had a higher stroke count. Felt tired in this set, wasn't easy like on Monday.

did some floating work with and without kickboard

4x50 hard on 1 min


30mins easy easy with 6 strides. Feeling a little better but not 100%

We'll see how tomorrow goes, not expecting a 100% effort gauging on my health right now.

you never know though......

pre race lunch Buffet at maurya with russ and JP. Two plates plus a double desert of indian rice pudding, yum!

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