Thursday, May 04, 2006

Marty's Home

swim moring was
1100 WU
3x200 Des 1-3, 400 steady with Paddles
3x100 des 1-3, 200 steady with Paddles
4x50 des 1-4, 100 steady with Paddles

3x100 kick with fins on back and sides
4x50 kick 25 easy 25 hard with fins

400 CD

Afternoon Run

10 min WU with stretch
10 min steady at 160bpm
4x4min intervals around jericho park loop. 4:06,4:01,4:05,3:59
10min Cool down

Welcomed Marty home from Switzerland tonight. Went for dinner with his parents and friends down on the water. Had a some crazy stories about off-piste trips and touring adventures he had. Enjoyed some Martingy peach liqueor then bid adue.

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