Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Bare Bones

Left vancouver about 830 to show Nolan the way out and then hit the road to Penticton. The crowes nest highway was very quiet and i made good time.

Look around the bike barn then headed to registration. Got a 30min warm up ride in on the course and a short run. Strong head winds were blowing on the way out so positioning would be important.

first 5km run went well , started off slow and built into the first 2.5k loop. Finished with a split of 17:20.

Great transition making up two spots and then settled into the bike. Got passed by tom evans pretty quick and then eric simpson and hugh trenchard. I should have really responded to HT but I didn't. strong head winds and a large climb made the bike interesting and tough.

Also...coming around a corner on the descent i was greeted by the biggest snake i have ever seen slithering across the road. WHen i went by it totally freaked and i think i heard it rattle, god that would have been something , but probably my luck this year with races.

scott tremblay closed up on me as well near the end on the bike.

into the last 5km i was sitting 5th with ST close behind and a strong runner.

was able to hold him off and run a pretty strong last 5km i thought. Not sure of what the split was.

good race, good heat training.

Drove home to revelstoke that night exhausted. close to 8hrs driving and a race in one day is not something to do again i think,....

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