Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Day 1 Enumclaw - The little Runt takes Me

TT this morning around 9 was a good course. Not so happy with my time of 15:04. I don't think i took the corners agressively enough.

The crit in the afternoon was 25 mins and with 2 laps to go I broke away from the group but one little guy, and i mean little like as in 13 or 14 sucked on to my wheel and stayed there no matter how much i pushed out of the turns. On the last lap i made him pull a bit, but on the last straight he took me by surprise and blew away from me with a sprint to the finish. Being beat by an 8 year old as Scott put it wasn't so great but turns out he has grown up racing track so there is some excuse.

Here is the Painfull sequence of the little runt taking me at the line...

uh oh!


feeling the hurt...

Watched the womens and mens pro crit in the evening. Man the pros are awesome. The acceleration some of them have is unbelievable. On the last lap the symmetrics team had 4 guys at the front and then let one guy go while clogging up the rest of the group. But this local legend guy responded and accelerated like i have never seen and chase the attack down, and took him at the sprint. Very exciting race to watch!!!!

Sitting first in the GC so far.

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